Friday, April 17, 2009

Tungnath Temple

Name : Tungnath

Location : At this temple at 3,680 mts. The highest Hindu shrine in the Himalayas, 3 kms uphill from Chopta, Thungnath is reached through a path that wends through alpine meadows and rhododendron thickets. An hour's climb from here leads to Chandrashila with its panoramic views. The entire journey and the shrine are located in some of the finest, most picturesque pocket of the Himalayas.

Desription : This Panch Kedar temple is worshipped as Shiva Arm. The peak of Tungnath is the source of three springs that form the river Akashkamini. It is the highest Shiva temple in the World.

The temple comes to sight only a few hundred yards before the finish of the trekking. Standing in the centre of the stone paved platform, under 3,600 metres high summit of Chandrashila (4,090m) the monument is a fine piece of ancient architecture. The strong built and powerful looks of the temple, made with stone, symbolize the power and anger of Lord Shiva.

The idols of Vyas and Kalbhairav stand along the "Shivling" inside the temple. The other four 'Kedar' are beautifully engraved on silver plate. Facing the small, low height gate of the temples, sits Nandi-the divine bull, the vehicle of the Lord. Two small temples, dedicated to Parvati and Kalbhairav embellish the small courtyard, on a flat rock possible to have an idea before starting the construction.

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