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Name : Arulmigu Dandayudhapani Swami Temple - Palani

Location : Palani is located about 60km from the District centre of Dindigul.

Legend : Sage Agastya wanted to take two hills—Sivagiri and Sakthigiri—to his abode in the South and commissioned his disciple Idumban to carry them. Idumban bore the hills slung across his shoulders, in the form of a kavadi one on either side. When he was fatigued, he placed the kavadi near Palani to take rest.

At this stage, Subrahmanya or Muruga had been outwitted in a contest for going round the world. Ganapati had won the prized fruit (pomegranate or mango) by simply going round His parents. Long after, this, Subrahmanya came sweating on His peacock to find that the prize had already been given away. In anger, the frustrated child left the divine parents and came down to Tiru Avinankudi at the Adivaram (pronounced Adiv├óram. It means foot of the Sivagiri Hill). Siva pacified Him by saying that He (Subrahmanya) Himself was the fruit (pazham) of all wisdom and knowledge; nee —you. Hence the place was called ‘Pazham Nee’ or Palani. Later, He withdrew to the hill and settled there as a recluse in peace and solitude.

When Idumban resumed his journey, he could not lift the hill. Muruga had made it impossible for Idumban to make it. In the fierce battle that ensued, Idumban was killed but was later on restored to life. Idumban prayed that:whosoever carried on his shoulders the Kavadi, signifying the two hills and visited the temple on a vow, should be blessed and he should be given the privilege of standing sentinel at the entrance to the hill.

Temple & Deity : Palani (Tiru Avinankudi) is the third Padai Veedu of lord muruga situated on palani hill

The deity of Palani is known as Dandayudhapani Swami, the Lord having the Staff in his Hand. The deity at the sanctum sanctorum is made out of an amalgam of nine minerals popularly called Navabashana. The deity is in a standing position with a baton in his hand. He has the look of a person who has renounced all worldly pomp. He has just a loincloth besides the baton. He is a mute messenger of the great precept ‘Renounce all to reach Me’. The icon is unique in the whole world. It was made by siddha Bhogar by combining nine poisonous substances (navabashana).

Rituals & ceremonies :

Vilaa Pooja (6.30 a.m.)
Siru Kall Pooja (8.00 a.m.)
Kaala Santhi (9.00 a.m.)
Utchikkala Pooja (12.00 noon)
Raja Alankaram (5.30 p.m.)
Iraakkaala Puja (8.00 p.m.)
Golden Car Darshan (6.30 p.m.)

Fairs & Festivals :

The major festivals at the temple are
Thai Pusam
Pankuni Uttiram
Agni Nakshatram
Kanda Sashti
Vaikasi Visakam
Tiru Karthikai

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