Friday, April 10, 2009


Name : Shikara Temple of Brahmaur

Location : Brahmaur, Himachal Pradesh

Description : At Brahmaur, the ancient capital, there are two Temples. The larger of the two is dedicated to Shiva under the name of Mani-mahes. It is ascribed to Meru - varman, who reigned about A. D. 700, but it is very doubtful whether the present building goes back to so remote a time. This much is certain, that, the erection of a Shiva temple by Meru Varman is recorded in an inscription on the brass bull which stands in front 0f the temple.

The other shikhara temple of Brahmaur, smaller in size and plainer in appearance, contains a brass image of Narsingh, the Man-lion incarnation of Vishnu. Its erection by Rani Tribhuvana- rekha is mentioned in a copper-plate inscription of Yugakara, the son of Sahilla, and may, therefore, be placed in the lOth or I1th century. The Narsingh Temple suffered considerable damage in the earthquake of the 4th Apri1 1905.

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