Friday, April 24, 2009

Jagannathi Devi Temple

Name : Jagannathi Devi Temple

Location : This temple is in Bhekhli village, 3-km from Kullu, Uttranchal. It's a stiff climb but from the temple one can catch fine views of the town.

Deity : The deity in the temple is also known as Bhuweneshawari, who is considered as the sister of Lord Vishnu.

Legend : This pretty shrine also is linked with a fabulous legend. It says that, once a shepherd boy accidentally noticed that two girls danced to the tune of his magical flute and he caught hold of one among them. The goddess revealed her identity and agreed to settle in the village at Bekhli.

Description : This temple is believed to have been constructed 1500 years ago. The Jagannathi Devi Temple or the Bekhli Temple is placed at an altitude of 1800 meter. The 90 minutes ascend to the top is rewarded with the panoramic view of the surroundings and the holy dharshan of the gorgeous deity. The sculptures and images enshrined in the shrine show Rajasthani and Gaddi tribal influence.

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