Friday, April 10, 2009


Name : Sri Uchi Vinayagar Temple

Location : Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia

Description : This hilltop temple is the pride and joy of Hindu residents in Kajang town. It is engraved on the temple structure that the temple was initially built in the year 1937. The history of this temple is unique as it was originally a Muneeswaran temple. The main deity was Lord Muneeswaran, and there was also a shrine for Goddess Mariamman, Lord Vinayagar and Lord Murugan.

After being taken over by the new temple committee, the management team decided they wanted to establish Lord Vinayagar as the principal deity of this temple. At that time, an auction was being held at a warehouse in Port Klang. The warehouse owner was selling scrap material which included an abandoned container. This mysterious container had an immense statue of Lord Vinayagar which originated from Tamil Nadu, India. The scrap metal businessman who came to purchase scrap metal was anxious when he discovered the statue of Lord Vinayagar. He did not want the statue to fall into the wrong hands and accordingly purchased the enormous statue. Immediately after the business was concluded, the businessman contacted all Hindu temples in the vicinity to inquire if any temple required a statue of Lord Ganesha. When it became known that a temple in Kajang was looking for a statue of Lord Ganesha, the businessman immediately donated the statue to this temple. Now Lord Ganesha reigns supreme on this hilltop spiritual haven.

Experiences of Devotees : Opposite the temple is the town’s fireman building. These firemen have witnessed a 20 feet tall apparition of Lord Muneeswaran guarding the temple. Also many devotees have experienced visions of Lord Muneeswaran giving spiritual advice. A devotee who was experiencing financial difficulties had a beautiful dream of Lord Muneeswaran. In the dream, Lord Muneeswaran guided the devotee to partake in the temple puja and offer flowers, fruits, milk and other spiritual offerings to Lord Ganesha and Lord Muneeswaran. After participating in several puja’s, the devotee’s financial woes had reduced. Now he prays regularly at this temple, and has a satisfying life due to his spiritual dedication. As the devotee benefitted from this temple, he contributed a silver kavasam to adorn Lord Vinayagar as a sign of gratitude.

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