Friday, April 17, 2009

Madhyamaheshwar Temple

Name : Madhyamaheshwar Temple

Location : Situated in Rudraprayag, the Madmaheshwar Temple is one of the Five Kedar Temples.

Deity :
Lord Shiva is enshrined in Madhyamaheshwar Temple.

Legend : There is a legendary connection of this place to the birth of Lord Shiva, According to mythical source the stomach of Lord Shiva emerged from here. So devotees throng the temple premise during Shiva Ratri and other festivals related to Lord Shiva.

Description : Natural calamities and foreign invasions have contributed in the slow destruction of temples, but by conjoint effort of the inhabitants and Government these temples were slowly recovered and reconstructed. One such is the Madmaheshwar Temple.

The unique North Indian architecture is noticeable in the construction of this temple focusing on the legendary issues and stories of Kings and warriors. The glorious temple is surrounded by natural vegetation of unparalleled scenic elegance. This sanctified place reflects the spirit of religiosity in India, speaking much of its endless panoramic pilgrim spots and heritage points.

If you want to implore the spiritual vista of India and indulge in sacramental acts, no other place would be more suitable. For a pilgrim as well as a common man, Madmaheshwar Temple is an apt place.

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