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Kumaran Kunram, Chromepet

Name : BalaSubramaniyar Koil - Kumaran Kundram

Location :

The Subramanyar temple at Kumaran Kunram in Chromepet (near Chennai, Tambaram). The Subramanyar shrine is located on top of the hill and is visible over a distance and commands an impressive view of the surroundings.

History :

Way back in 1956, when Paramacharya visited Chromepet, looking at the hill, he said a temple for Murugan would come up there. It happened 20 years later. The temple for Siddhi Vinayakar was the first to be built in 1956. While clearing the hill side for a path, a lance (Vael) was found and this inspired the devotees to speed up work. The Swaminathaswamy temple took shape and consecration was performed in 1979. Gradually the hill acquired more shrines and the temple has been expanded and consecration conducted at regular intervals
Description :

At the base are shrines for Vinayaka, Sri Kaliswari, Idumban and navagraha. The steps, 108 in number, are well-laid. The rugged path that devotees once used runs adjacent. A few steps above is a small temple for Meenakshi-Sundareswarar with niches for Nataraja, Sarabeswara and Chandikeswara. Nataraja has his right foot up in the classic Cosmic dance pose.

On top is the shrine of Swaminathaswamy. The Moolavar is a lovely granite idol set in serene surroundings. There is a niche for Durgai. A perennial spring called Kumara Tirtham supplies water meeting the needs of the temple. Beneath the shrine is Dhyana mantapam. Considered pariharasthalam for Chevvai and Ketu, the temple draws a steady stream of devotees, it is said.

The view from top shows Chromepet and its neighbourhood spread out as a vast expanse. Silhoutted in the distance is the gopuram of the Tiruneermalai temple. Also distinctly visible is the Trisula hill.

Festivals :

Festivals are conducted with great fanfare. Maha Skandasashti is celebrated on the lines of the Tiruchendur temple. Soorasamharam is an elaborate affair, complete with fireworks. The young and old participate with great enthusiasm. Programmes for the entire year are charted out on a huge board at the entrance.

The Kartikai deepam festival when the temple is illuminated with a number of lamps rendering it visible all around, is of great beauty is data about the temple.

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