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Name : This hill is also called Sigaragiri, Pushpagiri and Siragiri.

Location : This temple is located in the city of Chennimalai of Perundurai, Erode District. Chennimalai is 26 kilometres from Erode and 13 kilometres from Perunthurai. The nearest railway station is Ingoor and can be reached by road from Perundurai also. The Devasthanam has provided special buses to reach the hilltop.

Hill : This temple is situated at about 600 meters above sea level and this hill is noted for its natural flora and fauna. This hill also has rare medicinal herbs in its lush green forests.

Deity : The moolavar here is popularly known as Siragiri Dandayudhapani. This deity as per Sthala Puranam gave Dharsan to Saravana Munivar as single faced Murugan after appearing as the six faced Arumugam in the first instance. The utsava murti is Muttukumara Subramaniyar with his two consorts Valli and Teyvannai. Murugan is highly praised and sung with reference to this abode in Kundruthoradal. Chennimalai is one of them and abounds in natural beauty and splendor.

Special Features : The most famous temple of Lord Muruga in Coimbatore District is Chennimalai. This world famous temple of Lord Muruga is where Lord Arunagirinathar was blessed with "Padikasu", wealth of coins. This is where an unusual phenomenon, rather a miracle took place in the year 1984 on 12th February. A bullock cart with two bulls climbed the 1320 steps on their own on this eventful day. Saravana Munivar wrote the most popular Chennimalai Sthalapuranam before 700 years. Milk and curds are used as special offerings to Lord Muruga in Chennimalai and it is the general belief that curds do not become sour here.

Temple : The temple of Chennimalai is situated on the banks of Noyal also called Kanchima Nadhi. The Sanctum Sanctorum faces the east. Just in front of the temple we find the Puliyadi Vinayagar. Inside the temple to the right of Moolavar we find the Srines of Markandeswarar and to the left Umayavalli. On the left side we find the Srines of Kasi Viswanathar and Visalakshi.

If we take the steps found just behind the Moolavar Sannidhi, we reach the Valli Teyvannai Temple. The two consorts enshrined in a separate temple are a very unique phenomenon. On the top of the hill we find the Pinnakau Siddhar cave with the front yard filled with Vel of different sizes and shapes. This Siddhar is one of the popular 18 Siddhar known to the world for their Siddha yoga. Near this cave we find the Saravana Mamunivar's Tomb. There is also another very ancient cave near this temple.

Speciality of this temple : The main deity Murugan is equated to the Sevvai graham or planet Mars and all the rest of the eight planets encircle the Lord in perfect harmony. If one circumambulates the main deity he is believed to get the benefit of circumambulating the navagrahas and worshipping them.

Kanda Shasti Kavacham offering : Another most important feature here is that the popular daily prayer of Murugan Devotees, Kanda Shasti Kavacham was first offered to the world in this temple by Balan Devaraya Swamigal. From that day onwards till today many devotees keep chanting this prayer every day.

Sirasuppu Utharavu Kettal : Asking for the Lord's permission before taking up any task like building a new house or getting their children married or any other issue is customary in this temple. Devotees offer an Archnai and perform Sirasappu offering. If the reply is positive they whole-heartedly perform that action or event. Traditionally if the answer is negative the Devotees do not venture further.

The holy water for Abishekam is being brought everyday by the temple bulls, which are being maintained by the Devasthanam. This procedure is also a very unique one not found in other temples.

Sthala Theertham :
1. Mamanga Theertham - This spring is on the southwestern slope of Chennimalai just opposite the Vinayagar Srine.
2. Kandu Kanach Sunai - This spring can be seen only by yogis and saints (reference Verse 27 Siragiri Manmiyam)
3. Subramanya Theertham - This is found on the northern side of foothill. This is also called Saravanapoigai, Kumara Theertham. Saravana Munivar established this city on banks of this spring (Alayam Kanda Manmiyam verse 11).

Sthala Vriksham : Tamarind tree and is found in front of the temple where there is a Shrine for Puliamarathadi Vinayagar.

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