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Injimedu Periyamalai Shiva Temple

Name : Injimedu Periyamalai Shiva Temple

Location :

The temple is situated with 50 Km radius of world famous temples such as Kanchipuram, Melmaruvathur, Vellore are Thiruvannamalai.

Transport Facilities :
2 Buses of Tamil Nadu from Bangalore-475 (6 PM) 476 (9.30 PM)-
From Temple Bus No.475 (7.30 AM), - 476 (10.30 AM)
Saraswathi Ramadas Mini Bus between Pernamallur & Chetpet via temple 6 trips a day in every two hours
There are other Government and private buses every 2 hours in the main road near the temple

Legend :

1) Once there was an ego battle between Brahma and Vishnu, they set off to reach the top and bottom of Shiva as a competition. During that time Thazamboo (Lavender tree flower) gave a false witness to Shiva that Brahma had reached the top of Shiva. Knowing this, Shiva cursed Thazampoo that it should not be used in any Shiva pooja. In order to get rid of the curse, it stands here as the Sthala Vruksham. Nandhi’s footsteps are seen here.

2) Mythology has it that the wedding of Lord Shiva with Parvathi was performed at Mount Kailash, the eternal and ethereal abode of Lord Shiva. All the Devas, Rishis, Saints, along with Lord Vishnu, Brahma and their consorts assembled to witness the marriage. The northern part Himalayan Mountain, sunk in whereas the Southern part has gone up. So to make it balance, As desired by Lord Shiva, Agastya Risha stood on top of the Mount and hence the Mount sub-merged into the earth. Rishi Agastya witnessed the marriage of Lord Shiva with Parvathi from the top of this Mount. Therefore the prayers of the devotees for their marriages are getting fulfilled.

3) NANDI, became ‘Vaahana’ of Shiva :

Nandi, son of saint Siladara performed penance seeking blessings and acceptance of Lord Shiva. It is from this Holy Hill Periyamalai that Lord Shiva blessed Nandi to be His Vehicle, for the first time. Since then, this Hill is venerated and worshipped by the Saints and Devatas as a sacred place.

Worshipping Lord Nandeeshwara of this temple is regarded as very sacred as He grants the prayers. The village was called “Nandipuravinnagaram” (Sky high village, Nandipuram) as Periyamalai was very tall once upon a time.

4) Amavasya Thithi

Rishi Siladara performed penance. Lord Shiva appeared before the saint, and asked him what boon he wants. Rishi requested Lord to attain Mukthi along with the mortal body (sthula sarira) Lord granted his prayer. Joyfully when saint was traversing in the sky, Rishi Narada intercepted and enlightened the Rishi that he cannot enter the heaven with his mortal body. There is a inner secret of his birth. He has to return to earth to commence the Amavasya Thithi to redeem the bondaged soul from their sins. Thus the Rishi started the Amavasya (offering prayers to departed souls) by wearing the Holy Grass Minji. This word Minji has become Inji and now it is the name of the village itself i.e. INJIMEDU.

5) Anointment of Herbal Shivalinga

Saint Devadootha prayed Lord Shiva for many years. Lord appeared before him and granted his prayer. Hence Saint Devadootha anointed the Shivalinga in ancient times on top of the Mountain. The Linga was made out of herbal plants.

6) Ganga

Lord Shiva created a Holy Ganga on top of the mountain as the Rishis prayed for water for their use. This Holy spring is perennial and is very sweet and cures many diseases.

Description :

This ancient temple is considered to be more than 2500 Years old as per the available historical accounts. Mythologicaly it is associated with krythayuga. Lord Shiva is in the form of lingam and is named as THIRUMANI CHERAI UDAYAR (highly decorative and attractive Shiva). The Goddess Parvati is named THIRUMANI NAYAGI (pleasant and blissful). This Shivalinga is 5 feet 6 inches tall atop the hill. Shivalinga is very elegant, attractive and vibrant. From any account, this is the tallest Shivalinga atop a Hill in India. This Temple is regarded as an abode of eternity (Mukthi) (Moksha) & also southern kailash.

This small 200ft high hillock top temple has about 51 covered steps. So rain or sun will not affect the devotees. This is a 2500 years old temple which got ransacked about 700 years ago by various invasions. The Thirumanicherai Shiva lingam which was left alone without any pooja/ worship for nearly 700 years, finally got a facelift and the Kumbabhisheham took place in 1999. Sanghu theertham is present in the hill in the shape of Sanghu. It is said that there is a spacious cave here where Pampatti Chithar is living in the form of a snake.

There is a Holy spring which is perennial and is very sweet and cures many diseases.

Edicts :

An epigraph dating back to 1126 A.D. by Chola King Vikramadhitya atop the hillock describes the glory of Lord Shiva, the name of God, Village, Ruler and Sculptor.

Another astonishing rock edict echoes like the Buddha principle that if any one goes to the temple their desires would be quenched.

There are altogether 33 statues of different deities installed. There is a Dhyana Mantapa at the bottom. A cave and a Deepa Mantapa on top are adding beauty to the elegant temple.

Regular pooja timings :

Morning session – 7.30 am to 12.30 pm
Evening Session – 3.00 pm to 8.30 pm

Festivals :

Step pooja – 7 PM on 31st December to 7 PM on 1st January ( Padi Poojai )

Bi-monthly prothosha–4.30 pm to 7.30 pm

Pongal special pooja–14th to 18th January

Maha Shivaratri –6 am to 6 am

Vinayak Chathurthi –3 days - 4 pm to 7 pm

Websites :

Contact :

Arulmigu Thirumani Cherai Udayar Thirukkoil (Temple) Trust
Kaliyuga Sekkizhayar Shivayogi Perumal Swamiji (a) Sri I.R. Perumal. IAS (R)
INJIMEDU Village,                                                         
Vandavasi Taluk,                                                           
Thiruvannamalai 604 503.                                             

Temple Trustees :
Mr. Dulraj.G.     
Mob : 09092023790
Tele : 04183-245249
Mr. I.R.Kannan
Mob : 09444934495
Mr. Sankaran.P. P
Mob : 0944489059

Mr. K. Madan (Manager) 
Mob: 09362688465 / 09739301234
Mr. Pradeep Rajkumar.I.P.  (Temple secretary)
Tele contact : 080-2668 9947
Mob : 09845559770


Unknown said...

I have visited this temple.i was told that many miracles had happened is no doubt a holy place.The chief trustee Shiree I. R.Perumal was a honest IAS officer and deep devotee of Lord Shiva has reconstructed this temple.Peaceful place for meditation. Devotees should vist this temple MANIVANNAN Bangalore

Unknown said...

it is very good holy temple oh lord shiva than I ever seen in my life. this temple really giving me a great peaceful as grace of lord shiva. I still believe god is living there as his grace . I got great solution for my psychological problem and got power in my soul as positive energy. I am really lucky to born near to tnis temple within 15km distance .ohm namashivaya

Unknown said...

After 14 years of my plan to visit this temple. Today i had visited along with my family. Today 27. 08. 2016 this day my luckey day and also i will never for got this day in my life. I belive here afrer i got a good solution for my life and also to my family members.
Try visit...

Unknown said...



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