Sunday, April 12, 2009


Name : Kondagattu

Location : Kondagattu is located on the Karimnagar-Jagityal-Nizamabad State Highway at around 35 Kms from Karimnagar and 15 Kms before Jagityal.

Deity : Lord Anjaneya Swamy (Hanuman)

Legend : According to the folklore, the temple was constructed by a cowherd some 300 years ago.

Description : This breathtaking temple of Lord Anjaneya Swamy. Situated amidst hills, valleys & water springs Kondagattu is blessed by nature and very scenic. The present day temple has been built 160 years ago by Krishna Rao Deshmukh. It is believed that if a women offers puja for 40 days at this temple then she will be blessed with a child.

Apart from the temple, the fort of Kondalaraya & Bojjapotana caves are worth seeing at Kondagattu.

Lord Hanuman : Lord Hanuman was born in Anjaneri (now a hilltop temple). Anjaneri is near Triambakeshwar, Nasik - a pilgrim village in Maharashtra State. He is the son of Anjani and Maruti, born with the blessings of 'Vayu', the wind god (also called Pavan). He is considered to be an avatar (incarnation) of Lord Shiva.

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