Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chamundi Temple Mysore

Name : Chamundi Hill Temple

Location : 3 kms from Mysore, Karnataka

Deity : Goddess Chamundeswari

No of steps : about 1000 nos.

Legend : Legend has it that that the demon Mahishasura, the king of the area that is currently Mysore, was killed by the Goddess Chamundeswari (also Chamundi) after a fierce battle. The hills hence got their name and a temple of the Goddess was built on the top. The temple has a very beautiful Idol of the Goddess wearing a garland of skulls.

Description : The temple has always been patronised by the rulers of Mysore. In earlier days, the Maharajas of Mysore would ride the ceremonial Dasara elephant during the annual Dasara festival, but after India gained independence, the Idol of Goddess Chamundi is taken on an elephant.

Enroute to the top, the steps pass the large monolithic statue of Nandi the Bull. Nandi is the vahana (Vehicle) of Lord Shiva. Climbing gets easier soon afterwards.

A panoramic view of the city is seen from the top of the hills. Among other landmarks, you can see the Race Course, the Lalitha Mahal palace, the Mysore Palace, the Karanji and Kukkarahalli lakes. At dusk, the view of the city is especially beautiful, and on Sunday evenings and during the Dasara festival, the illuminated Mysore Palace glitters like gold.

Mysore got its name from the demon Mahishasura. It was earlier known as 'Mahisuru,' meaning Mahisha's city. Gradually it came to be called Mysooru and later anglicised to Mysore. There is a demand and proposal now (December 2005) that the name of city be changed from Mysore to Mysooru the original Indian form.

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