Saturday, April 25, 2009

Simhachalam - Germany

Name : Simhachalam

Location : Zielberg, Jandelsbrunn, Germany

Deity : Prahlada-Narsimhadeva

Description : Whilst in India there are many temples (especially in the state of Andhra Pradesh) that exclusively worship Laxmi-Narsimhadeva, this ISKCON Hill temple worships Prahlada-Narsimhadeva and hence directs the mind to the relationship between Bhakta and Bhakta-Pala, the devotee and the Protector of the devotee. In attempting to meditate on, and better understand that relationship, there are many lessons for those of us who wish to more fully enter into our own personal relationship with God.

For an onlooker the form of Narsimhadeva does not seem to be the image of grace, beauty and loving kindness one would expect of any manifestation of God. But appearances - even those of a loving God - must be understood through the Veda; not with a mind grasping vainly for comprehension.

That, of course, is one aspect underlying the avatara of Narasimha: that His startling lionesque appearance was entirely new; that neither man nor demigod had set eyes upon such a form before. The hate-filled antagonists at the heart of the lila didn’t know what to make of Him. And when he roared, even the battle-hardened trembled.

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