Sunday, May 17, 2009

Manki Point - Kasauli

Name : Manki Point, kasauli

Location : Manki Point is just 4 km from Kasauli bus stand. Kasauli is located 77 km from Shimla, 65 km from Chandigarh and 50 km from Panchkula.

Legend : According to legend Kasauli came into being when Lord Hanuman, on his way to getting the Sanjeevani herb (Magical Herb) touch the hill by his foot thus top of hill is in foot shape. Description : This Hanuman Mandir is situated atop the 300 m high hillock, called Manki Point, where Lord Hanuman is supposed to have rested his feet. There is about more than 200 plus upstairs for the main temple from the main gate of the temple. This temple lies within the confines of an air force radar station and base and is subject to security restrictions (no cameras or bags allowed). This temple is located in the middle of the Air-Force base camp, so the whole area is protected by the air force.

You have to bring with yourself ID proof like Voter Card, Driving License, PAN Card, Adhaar Card etc. if you want to visit the Hanuman temple. On a clear day, one can get views of nearby cities like Chandigarh. One can reach this point by road or on foot. On foot, it takes nearly two hours from Kasauli town but the scenery and harmony you enjoy makes the walk worth the effort.

Other Attractions : 

You can visit the Air Force base camp where you can see dummy model of aircraft, weapons and other instruments which are used by the Air Force. You can also visit famous Kasauli Market , Kasauli Christ Church and open area of Kasauli forest with your family/friends. You can also visit Baba Balak Nath Temple at Garkhal which is about 3KM from Kasauli bus stand.

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Anonymous said...

Its Manki point not Monkey point.
Please change it.


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