Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mullayanagiri Shiva Temple

Name : Mullayanagiri

Location : Mullayanagiri, the tallest peak in the vicinity (and also the tallest in Karnataka @ 1930m)

Trekking : The trek continues mainly through the grass lands for abt 2-3 more hrs. There are about 3-4 intermediate small hills before reaching the top. On the hill, just before Mullayanagiri, one has to take the path to the left, along the hill and the path becomes rocky here. Avoid the temptation to continue straight ahead at this point and find a way along the shola forest and then had to climb up a reasonably steep part of the hill to get to the top.

Temple : There is a small temple on top of the hill, where we camped. This is a small hillock in the temple compound, which is the highest point in Karnataka. U r not supposed to wear footwears inside the compound and be careful abt that. The priests stay in the temple compound and they may even make coffee / tea. One more thing to note is that, there is not water source all the way till the hilltop and be sure u have enuf water with you.

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