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Mandar Hill Temple

Name : Mandar Hill Temple

Location : Mandar Hill is roughly 700 feet high. It is situated about 30 miles south of the Bhagalpur town in Bihar. There is an eastern railway line connecting Bhagalpur with Mandar Hill. Mandar Hill station is about three miles from Mandar Hill. There is also an all- weather road that connects Bhagalpur with Dumka.

Legends : Mandar is associated with
1) Amritmanthana which suggests that the hill was used by the gods to churn the ocean to procure amrit. The serpent, Basukinaga offered to serve as the rope and has left behind an impression of the coil on the granite hill.

2) It is believed that panchjanya, the conch shell used in Mahabharat War was discovered here in the Sank kund.

3) The puranas refer to various sacred places on the hill which is also believed to be the abode of Vishnu under the title of Madhusudana or the destroyer of a demon called Madhu who was killed by Vishnu and then covered by the Mandar hill. Kalidasa’s kumarasamahava refers to foot marks of Vishnu on the slopes of Mandar.
Besides inscriptions and statues there are numerous rock cut sculptures depicting various Brahmanical images.

4) The hill is equally revered by the Jains who believe that their 12th Tirthankara attained nirvana here on the summit of the hill.

Description : At the salvation place on Mandar Hill, a grand Jain Mandar Hill Temple is erected. A pair of feet images (about 3000 years old) are installed there.

There is a place where Lord Vasupoojya attained Kevalgyan (supernatural knowledge) near the place of salvation. Three pairs of ancient feet images are installed here.

Near the place of salvation, a beautiful cave temple is viewable with 5-feet-tall standing idol.

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jyoti said...


my3 said...

can u pleaz gimme the address of madhusudhan temple in mandhara hills??

Rajesh. CTR said...

Hi, i searched on net and found only these details about madhusudan temple. Madhusudan Temple is a sacred temple of Lord Vishnu situated near Mandar Hill in a nearby town called Bounsi or Balisa Nagar.

pkmishra said...

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pkmishra said...

mera bh ghar MOHNA hai our Bounsi mera dukan tha "MISHRA ELECTRONICS CENTRE" Bus Stand ke upar.


aroma singh said...

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