Friday, June 5, 2009

Gas san, Japan

Name : Gassan-Jinja Temple

Location : The Dewa Sanzan are located in the center of Yamagata prefecture, between Tsuruoka and Yamagata city, Japan.

Description : The three sacred mountains of Dewa, known in Japanese as "Dewa Sanzan" have been the object of worship for centuries. The 3 mounts are Haguro-san, Yudono-san and Gas-san.

Gas-san is the highest peak of the Dewa Sanzen, 1984m. It is worshiped as a mountain where our ancestors sleep, and a mountain of fertility that brings rich waters. The hike is not stairs, it is a beautiful trail through bushes.

At the top of Mt. Gassan, there is the Gassan-jinja Shrine. To enter the shrine we had to be purified. We had to bow our heads before the Priest for a blessing, then rub our shoulders, arms, body, legs and feet with sacred paper. Then we drop the paper in a fountain.

Other Attractions : This place is famous for Mida-ga-hara Marsh where you can enjoy nikko-kisuge (yellow alpine lilies), black lilies, mizubasho (Japanese skunk cabbages) and other marsh vegetation.

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