Saturday, June 20, 2009

Benalmadena Stupa

Name : Benalmádena - Stupa

Location : In Southern Spain high on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean just outside the village of Benalmadena.

Description : Not only is spanish the third most spoken language around the world, but as a nation, Spain is also a major player on the world stage. Furthermore, the spanish peninsula is host to a myriad of cultural expressions. Buddhism being a philosophy of peace and universal dimension has made inroads in the country for over two decades.

The Buddhist master, Lopon Tsechu Rinpoche paid his first visit to Spain in 1990, where he gave teachings and empowerments to a large following at Karma Guen, a buddhist meditation center nearby Velez-Malaga. By 1994, in that same place, he built his first Stupa as a landmark of peace and prosperity for the country. That first Stupa served as a model for the next 16 Stupas he would build throughout Europe in the years to follow.

By 1995, Rinpoche became a spanish resident and began visiting the country regularly making his teachings more available to others. Rinpoche loved the country and its people. And as a sign of the strong connection he had to the country, he began planning together with the Banalmadena Mayor, Enrique Bolín, the construction of the largest Stupa in the western world.

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