Friday, July 17, 2009

Mt. Nantai San, Japan

Name : Mt. Nantai San, Japan

Location : Above beautiful lake Chuzenji and the ancient temple-studded town of Nikko is the sacred mountain of Nantai San in Japan

Description : Also known as Kurokiyama and Futaarasan, the 2484 meter peak has been a place of Shinto pilgrimage since at least the 4th century AD. Local legends tell of a powerful mountain spirit that assisted hermits and monks in spiritual realization, and by the 8th century Nantai San was a favored site for Buddhist practitioners on solitary retreats.

Besides finding the place highly conducive for the practice of meditation, people receive telepathic and visionary information which indicate that Nantai San had an energy field that would "awaken, stimulate, and amplify the capacity of human creativity".

Time to visit : The particular energy field is highly concentrated during the time of August 1-7 when many thousands of pilgrims climb the mountain from behind the Chugushi shrine.

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