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Kanagagreeswarar Temples at Devikapuram

Name : Kanagagreeswarar Temples at Devikapuram

Location :

This temple is near Arulmigu Periyanayagi Amman at Devikapuram which is located at 40 km from Vandavasi, 40 km from Thiruvannamalai, 37 km from Arani in the Vandavasi – Chetput- Polur (Thiruvannamalai) route.

Description :

The Kanagagreeswarar Temple is located on top of a small hill called Kanagachalam or Ponnmalai and the Periyanayagi amman temple, the more popular one is located at the base of the hill in the center of the town. These temples date back to 15th Century Vijayanagara Period.

In the Kanagagreeswarar temple there are three lingams in the sanctum sanctorum. One is a Swayambu lingam called Kanagagreeswarar and another one is an ancient Kasi Viswanathar lingam worshipped by Periyanayahi amman. Since there should not be two lingams, another lingam made of Rudraksha has also been installed in the wall behind the Kanagagreeswarar.

Arunagirinathar sang verses on Lord Muruga of Kanagagreeswarar temple in Thiruppugazh. At 8AM everyday, there is an abhisheham for Kanagagreeswarar with ghee and hot water and so it is better to go in the morning so that you can visit both the temples.

The sanctum sanctorum houses 3 lingams – one Kasi Viswanathar installed and worshipped by Parvathi Devi, another Swayambu lingam and the third one made of Rudhrakshas (since two lingams should not be there).

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Unknown said...

Hi Mr.Rajesh.... I was looking for this kanagagireeshwar temple.... I found your blog... It is so helpful and informative...

I have a couple of questions on this temple...

1)Is there any other name for lord kanagagireeshwar? Is it Girigireeshwar?

2)The hot water abhishegam is performed on only lord kanagagireeshwar or other 2 lingams as well?

Your help would be really helpful for me... I am looking for these for a devotional quiz competition.

Thank you so much sir... God bless you for your great work!


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