Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Koh Sireh Temple

Name : Koh Sireh Temple

Location :

Koh Sireh Temple, which sits at the top of a steep hill close to Phuket Town on the east side.

Description :

I could not collect more information about this temple from Internet.
The only website which had good info is http://www.kirjon.com/sacred-sites/sireh_temple.htm

The temple is situated on the top of a steep hill.
You also can enjoy great views over the town Phuket and the Phang Nga bay.
There is a Big reclining Buddha statue on the temple and the temple has stairs decorated with dragon sculptures.

The temple attracts crowds from Phuket during Kathina Festival, a day when Buddhists offer donations at temples all over Phuket.Because of previous thefts at the Koh Sireh Temple, which sits at the top of a steep hill, there is tight security during these festivals.

Website :



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