Sunday, August 6, 2017

Kalka Mata Temple Amarsar Jaipur

Name : Kalka Mata

Location :

Kalka Mata Mandir is located in the hills of a smal village near Amarsar in Jaipur , Rajasthan. Amarsar is a smalltown located about 75 KMS away from the city of Jaipur. With a vibrant scenere Around of green hills and fresh air. 5 Kms small 2 lane road from Amarsar leads you to a small mountain where the Kalka Mata Mandir is located.

Description :

Kalkaji mata is the goddess worshipped by a vast community of Rajasthani People.Kalaka Mata is Kull Devi (Family Deity) for many. The mandir is built on mid hill. You have to clim 451 steps to reach the temple. Kalka Mata is consideredthe Kul-devi of the people residing in Amarsar and adjoining Villages. She is worshipped with lot of faith by the Devotees, Families cme to make wishes and Kalka mataji fulfills all your wishes.

Located at a Height of 500 Ft above the sea level the temple is a major visiting spot. People from all over hailing originally from the town and now settled elsewhere still come to worship at the temple.

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