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Mazhai Malai Madha Arulthalam

Name : Mazhai Malai Madha Arulthalam

Location :

Mazhai Malai Madha Arulthalam is located on the National Highway about 95 kms from Chennai enroute Trichy. Geographically, it is situated near Melmaruvathur having Mathuranthagam as its Taluk and falls under the Jurisdiction of Kancheepuram District.

Legend :

During the tenure of Founder Rev. Fr. A. Pushpam - Parish Priest ( 1962 - 1973), this parish was the part of the archdiocese of Pondy - Cuddalore. People experienced severe drought in Tamilnadu and particularly in this place. At this moment, Fr. A. Pushpam decided to organize a car procession for Our Lady specially interceding for good rain. When the car procession ended at a place called Nallayan Kundru
(the hill of Good Shepered) there was a heavy down pour with thunder and lightening slashing the place like never before. A beautiful shrine was constructed at this place and hence the name Mazhai Malai Madha ( Hill Goddess of Rain ) was inscripted to our Lady in view of this astounding miracle.

Description :

Ecclesiastically, it belongs to the Chingleput Diocese, a new born babe of the Archdiocese of Madras - Mylapore. The Shrine is located in the midst of a very serene and beautiful vast stretch of lush pasture hill slope.

In view of the Silver Jubilee in the year 1994, a well planned concrete pathway for the pilgrims to visit Mazhai Malai Madha on the top of the mountain.

A Church was inaugurated and blessed by Rt. Rev.Dr. Lawrence Pius, the Auxiliary Bishop of Madras - Mylapore at midnight of the beginning of the III millennium (01.01.2001)

Tower of Faith :

As a monument of faith they have planned to construct a Tower of Faith in the shrine campus. The foundation stone for the great project was laid on 06.09.2003 by His Eminence Simon Cardinal Lourdusamy, Rome. The construction work on 27th October 2004.

The mega monumental project is in the fray. The proposed Tower would consist of Seven floors cascading the pilgrims into a world of Divinity. It is very essential to cultivate the requisite spiritual arousal and strengthen the faith of Christians. One would be enthralled to find this Tower as an exclusive monument depicting the evolution of faith.

The concept of the Tower of Faith is to bring in the celestial world here and now and this place would become a place of penance, a place of meditation, a place tranquillizing turbulent mind a place of spiritual transformation and a place of magnified faith.

Mountain : A Symbol of God’s Presence

For ages past, Mountains have been articulated as a place where God’s mighty presence is conceptualized. India, in particular, which has this sublime uniqueness of nurturing different sects of communities, practices multifarious religions,linguistic, cultures and life styles deem Mountain as a sanctified, vibrant and vivacious God’s presence.

From the Biblical perspective , in 1 Kings 20 :30, it is predominantly mentioned as “God of Mountains”. Mount Horeb was called the Mountain of God (Exodus 3:1).
Even in the life history of Jesus, Mountains have been a place of prominence for his Psycho- Spiritual pursuits.

For Jesus , Mountains became
A place of Prayer, Lk- 20 : 39,
A place of Contemplation, Mt-14 : 23
A place of Temptation and Renunciation, Mt- 4 : 8,
A place of Transfiguration, Mt-17 : 1

Eventually it is conspicuous that Mountains and the presence of God are strongly interlinked. Therefore, Mountain experience is considered to be a manifestation of FAITH EXPERIENCE.

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