Sunday, June 20, 2010

Martand Sun Temple

Name : Martand Sun Temple

Location : The Martand Sun temple is situated on top of a plateau, near the town of Anantnag. Anantnag is situated at an elevation of 5400 feet above sea level, at a distance of 33 miles from the main state-headquarters Srinagar in Jammu Kashmir.

Description :

It is a medieval temple dedicated to Bhaskar, the Sun God. King Lalitaditya, a Kshatriya of Surya (Solar) dynasty, got the Martand Sun temple constructed to commemorate Surya in the middle of the eighth century A.D. This beautiful Martand temple has a colonnaded courtyard, with the shrine in its center, which is 220 feet long and 142 feet broad. Built with 84 columns, the temple offers a magnificent view of the Kashmir valley. Martand temple of Kashmir counts amongst the best and most memorable works of King Lalitaditya.

The architecture and style of the Martand Sun temple counts amongst the rare ones in the world. Built up of hard and square limestone, the Martand temple serves as a living proof of the skill and talent of the Hindu Kashmiris of the bygone era. The pillars of the temple are of Greek pattern. Apart from the exquisite architecture, another attraction of the Martand temple is its picturesque surroundings. The temple, standing in a square field with the beautiful snow covered mountains serving as its backdrop, presents an awe-inspiring sight.

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