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Kuber Bhandari, Narmadha

Name : Kuber Bhandari

Location :

This temple is situated at the village of Karnali, near the famous town of Chanod. Chanod is located near Dabhoi in the Vadodara district in Gujarat State in India. It is around 36 miles away from city of Vadodara. There are regular buses plying from Vadodara for this Kubereshwar temple.

Legend :

There is a mythological story about this temple. Lord Shiva was passing once through the thick forest around the shore of river Narmada with goddess Parvati. Goddess Parvati felt hungry and thirsty due to long walk in the hot sun. She requested Lord Shiva for some food and water. As the food and water was nowhere available nearby, Lord Shiva thought that it would be proper if he himself stays there in the form of food and water so that all the pilgrims can have food and holy water of river Narmada in this thick and remote place. Lord Shiva stayed there adopting the name of Kuber Bhandari who is considered to be the god of food and water.

Description :

Kuber Bhandari temple it means "Temple of Lord Kuber (Kubera, Lord of wealth and Fame)". This temple is situated at a height of around 800 feet above at the coast of river Narmada. There are around 680 steps to get down reaching to the river Narmada. River Narmada flows in all its glory here very quietly.

Narmada is one of the holiest rivers in India that flows through the Central and Western parts of the country. There are many famous places of pilgrimage all through the river shore of Narmada. One of the most popular
and the holy place at the shore of river Narmada is the temple of Kuber Bhandari, which is one form of Lord Shiva. This temple is very ancient and is said to be around 2500 years old.

There is a lot of importance of taking a bath here at this spot in the river prior to going for the darshanas of Lord Kuber Bhandari. However, you must be very careful while taking a bath here in the river as the water is quiet deep here with lot of crocodiles moving in the river. The atmosphere of the temple is so peaceful that you can really experience the divine peace here. Most of the visitors perform dhyan and pranayama activities here at the temple.

Rahu-Dan :

This is a only an ancient place where " worshiping and shloka of "Rahu" is being undertaken in Gujarat while Rahu changes his sthan in another Rasi in Kundali.Rahu Mantra is " ARDHKAYAM MAHAVIRAYAM CHANDRATYAVIMARDANAM ! SINHIKAGARBHSAMBHUT TAM RAHU PRANYAMAMYAHAM" For security and safety of bad effects on the persons worshiping of Nag-Murti{made of silver} is carried out by Abhishek of Milk for getting peace in the life and for protection from Rahu-Dasha. Amongst all Rivers - NARMADA' is also having power as per mythologylical history that merely by "Darshan of Naramada Maiya" all the sins becomes nullified. Normally no-where Rahu-Dan is accepted by anybody. But here in the premises of Temple Kubereshwar this arrangment is being made.

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Anonymous said...

thank you so much for this...its wonderful. can please put more pictures of the temple and 'garbhgruh'as well.

thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this information. One more ancient story is there related to this temple.(I read it when I went there for Darshan). That, When Ravan attacked on Kuber as he is treasurer of wealth of GOD, he ran away from there and came to this palce. He worshipped Lord Shiva and where Lord Shiva gave him shelter and he saved him. It is believed that since then he remains there.

Thanks a lot. Yes, if you can post few more photographs of temple as well as of shivling it would be grateful to you. Thanks.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Wish i hve to visit this spritual place...☺👍


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