Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thrikur Shiva Temple

Name : Thirukur Shiva Temple

Location :

It is located at Trikur near trichur, Kerala.

Description :

The cave temple at Trikur near Trichur is something of a marvel.

On the bank of the river Karuvannur puzha, a long flight of steps lead to the summit of the rock hill, where the deity of Shiva is installed in a cave, which appears to be natural. Water continuously drips from the roof of the cave and wets the idol. We could not find any source of water in the rock.

The temple is constructed without harming any natural setup. One of the achans of Paliam constructed the outer wall and other protective structures and  the Gopuram is fully protecting the Environment. The blessing of the diety is a sure cure for Asthma.

Meals provided for devotees for which some trust has been established which maintains the temple. There were very few devotees.

From the top of the hill, one can see the surrounding country side for at least ten miles, including Trichur town. As the land at the side opposite the river is at the same level, vehicles can come up to the temple and there are regular bus services.

Festivals :

Every year there is elaborate festival. Kathakali, the famous costume drama of Keralam, is an essential item. The parade of caparisoned elephants, with drum beating  (panchavadyam) is a must in all temple festivals.
The annual festival falls on the malyala month of  Makaram (jan-feb)

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