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Kondarangi Hills - Malligarjuna Swamy Temple

Name : Kondarangi Hills - Malligarjuna Swamy Temple

Location :

It is situated in Tamilnadu on the way to Tharapuram from Oddanchatram (via) Moolanur. It is 15kms from moolanur and the village is called Kondarangi Keeranur.

Legend :

1. It is believed that when we do meditation on Pournami or Amavasya days on the top of this hill, we can get connection with our ancestors and their blessings.

2. It is said that there is a shusma vibrations between palani Temple and this temple. Kondrangi Shiva is seeing his Son from here. Also we can see this hill when we climb Palani hills.

3. Pandavas of mahabharata are said to have done meditation in the cave here. It is said that Arjuna attained powers during his vana vasa here. They say when we meditate in this hill we can travel to a diffreent Astral World.

Description :

This Hill has a steep Conical shape and it is about 748meters high. There is a very wonderful Rock cut Temple on the top where Lord Shiva showers his blessings in the name of Malligarjuneswarar. It is a Swayambhu Lingam ( Formed on its owns ). The hill itself looks like a Huge Linga.

The steps are rock cut and it seems very difficult to climb the hill. But with Lord shiva's blessings it is very easy to reach the top. It takes two hours to reach the top. If there is Rain or high winds it will be difficult to ascend or descend. There is a perennial spring on the top.

There is a Cave where Sidhhars and Thavasis have done meditation. There is also a Temple located at the foothills known as Ketti Malleswarar Sri Bhramaramba Temple.

Festivals :

Chitra Pournami and maha Shiva Ratri is celebrated in grand manner when lot of devotees throng to get blessings of Malligarjuna swamy

Websites :

I sincerely thank Mr.Dhanasekar who maintains a facebook page on Kondarangi malai for providing all the above details. Link to his page is as below. Devotees who wish to visit kondarangi malai can contact him for further details.

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பிரகாசம் said...

Thanks for the details. I have never heard before about this place


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