Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kamnadevi Temple

Name : Prospect Hill and Temple of Kamna Devi

Location :

Prospect hill has an elevation of about 2200 mts. above the sea level.The Prospect Hill temple takes about a fifteen minutes walk from Boileauganj that is located on the Shimla-Bilaspur road.

Description :

Prospect hill is crowned by a very religious temple dedicated to Goddess Kamna Devi.It is believed that the Goddess blesses anyone who takes the arduous journey up the hill.

A 15 minute climb on the steep Prospect Hill leads you to this small red and green temple, which is surrounded by a white wall. Calm and tranquil surroundings along with breath-taking views of the city, make your climb to this holy place perfectly worth it.

Surrounded by tall deodar trees, the temple has a glorious view of the surrounding hills and the toy trains running to and from Tara Devi. It is an ideal base for trekkers, nature lovers and bird watchers. The temple is open round the clock.

Thousands and lakhs of tourists visit this place because the beauty of this hill is eye-catching.You can have the look of surrounding areas and hills from the top of this hill.You will feel as if you are away from this world into a world that is so beautiful and so very rare with its basket of stupendous beauty. The scenic beauty of the place in the midst of green veiled mountains and passing clouds from the hill top is really something that will keep you mum.

This hill is paradise for photographers and mountaineers,as the hill satisfies their quest for trekking.Also the toy train that runs from Tara Devi to Jatogh is visible from the top of the Prospect Hill of Shimla. The place is even an ideal juncture for the picnic parties.

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