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Arulmigu Maha Sapthakannika Devi Kovil, Seremban (Negeri Sembilan)

Name : Arulmigu Maha Sapthakannika Devi Kovil, Seremban (Negeri Sembilan)

Location : This temple is situated on Victoria Hill in Seremban (Negeri Sembilan), Malaysia

Description :

Built over 100 years ago and is one of the few Kaniamman temple in Malaysia. The scenic view of this temple is breathtaking, which is surrounded by flora and fauna. Although the temple does not have an easy access route, it is definitely worth the journey. The seven kanni devi’s are Biramme, Mageswary, Gaumaree, Varaagi, Vyshnavi, Magenthari and Chamundee.

Legend :

Before the temple was built, Victoria hill was a primary source of silica stones, and was mined by a Chinese contractor. The contractor primarily used explosives to mine Victoria hill. On one occasion, he repeatedly tried to blast explosives but it failed. Immediately he saw a snake slithering past him. The stunned contractor took a gun and shot the snake. Soon after, the contractor and his workers fell ill. After consulting a spiritual medium, the contractor was informed that he had done injustice by mining on the hill. The sacred hill was the dwelling of Nagamma, who frequented the hill in the form of young snakes and maiden ladies.

To repent this injustice, the contractor was instructed by the medium to carry out prayers for Nagamma at Victoria hill. During the prayer, a man got into a trance and started moving like a snake. He slithered across the ground to a particular location. He then advised the contractor to build a temple for Nagamma at that location. Under that mystical command, the Nagamma temple was built.

Over the years, many devotees of this temple have witnessed the amazing sakthi of Nagamma.

Festivals & Pooja :

The most important date in this temple is May 1st, whereby a special pooja is conducted annually. Devotees of Nagamma, fast for three days and carry pots filled with milk from the foothill to the hill top. When the devotees arrive at the temple, the milk is poured onto the seven Kanni Devi’s. Nagamma gives her blessing during this festive occasion, and this has been witnessed by several devotees. Once during this annual festival, the priest of this temple witnessed a beautiful cobra resting beneath a tree near the temple. Astonishingly, the cobra was in seven different colours. As he was stunned by this miraculous incident, the priest called other devotees to witness this mystical event. After receiving the blessings of Nagamma, the priest returned to the temple. He was shocked to see that the seven shades of the cobra was the exact colour of each sari on the seven Kanni Devi’s.


Take Seremban exit. Take flyover to Pusat Kualiti Alam untill tunnel. After tunnel, uturn. Take exit to seremban 2, and short distance away, turn left into mud road. Tel: 0196209259

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