Sunday, November 5, 2017

Bheemana Kindi

Name : Bheemana Kindi

Location :

Driving down from Bengaluru on Kanakapura road will take approximately 2 to 3 hours depending on the time of travel. Reach Kanakapura (50 Kms) then go straight on the main road it will take to place called Sathanur (a further 21 Kms). From Sathanur, a diversion to the right goes to Kabbala village(another 6 Kms). Near Kabbala durga base take right diversion and move another 3 Kms. to Kanchana Halli which will take you to base of Bhimana Kindi.

Description :

Bhimana Kindi near Kanchana Halli in Halgur (Malavalli) – Channapattana Road. This Hill has a Natural Rock Arch and is a good trekking place for beginners. Some believe that this arch was formed due to hitting of a huge rock by the Mace of the Bhima (Pandava, Mahabharatha). Geologists say that it is a natural phenomenon.

One has to go through the coconut farm and through the muddy road to reach the bottom of the hill. There is a Small temple at base of Bhimana Kindi which can be considered as Landmark point to start the trek. From this temple, one can find stair case type of steps which will take us to the top. one has to climb about more than 500 stone steps in order to reach the top of hill. The 35 light poles is a source of guidance to the top of the hill. It takes approximately 3hours to reach the top.

Animals like Bear, Elephant are found here, hence its advisable to travel in groups and avoid late nigh trekking or camping here.

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