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Thalamalai Sanjeevi Perumal Temple

Name : Thalamalai Sanjeevi Perumal Temple aka.,Nallendra Perumal Temple

Location :

At a distance of 5 km from Sevinthipatti, 39 km from Gunaseelam, 34 km from Namakkal, 95 km from Erode, 65 km from Trichy & 354 km from Chennai, the ancient and famous Thalamalai Perumal Temple is situated on a unique rock on the peak of Thalaimalai Hill. It is a renowned Vaishnava temple.

Legend :

1. In Ramayana, great of the two great epics of Hindu mythology, Lord Rama on his way back to Ayodhya with Sita after rescuing her from Ravana in Lankan lands, he had to stay at this Sthala, a spring by name Ramar Sunai was made and there is water flow always. When a person goes close this spring, he can breathe the pleasurable smell of turmeric.

2. In Ramayana, the Yuddha Kanda, Indrajit, son of Ravana and the primary of army of demons showered deadly weapons (the Brahmastra.) to kill his enemies - Rama, Lakhmana and vanaras and they were unconscious. Jambavan sent Hanuman to fetch the Sanjivi, a powerful life-restoring herb to revive the unconscious. Unable to find the specific herb before nightfall, Hanuman brought the entire mountain Dronagiri which was full of medicinal plants, to the fight field, thus helping find the herb and even with the approach of the Sanjivi hill, (fragrance of the herbs) Rama and Lakshmana and the Vanaras felt the darts slip off their bodies. Their wounds healed. Jambavan told Hanuman to replace the Sanjivi Hill but Hanuman was tired to go back to the spot and he tied the hill in his tail and threw it with full vigour. The top portion of the hill fell and that place came to be known as Thalaimalai.

Description :

 The temple is open only in the Tamil month of “Puratasi” (Mid of September to Mid of October). During this period, people from surrounding areas would come to this temple and worship. The temple is  atop nearly 2300 Feet above sea level.

This hill gets its name because it resembles the head of a person. This hill is also known as Siragiri.

The presiding deity of the temple is Nallendra Perumal, a form of Lord Vishnu. One can find shrines of Venkatachalapathy, Alamelu Mangai Thayaar, Goddess Mahalaxmi, Sri Devi, Bhudevi, Lord Anjaneya, Garudazhvar, and Karupanna Swami. If one takes a holy dip in the Kannimar Sunai and pray to Lord Nallendra Perumal, they would be void of the bad effects of Lord Shaneeswar. This temple was built by Madurai Nayaks.

There is a spring called Ramar Sunai with water flowing all the time.

Visitors need to trek for about 4 kms through rocky path running through steep stretches at times. It usually takes about 2 hours to trek upwards. The trekking starts from Thalamalai foothill, which is about 10 kms from Appananallur. From Trichy, the route goes through Guanseelam, Musiri, Manamedu and Appananallur.

Devotees walk around on a narrow path around the temple for pradakshinas. People strongly believe that going round this rock temple would give them successful marriage, wealth and child birth. Doing this ritual is now banned after an accident.

One can find Sanjivi herb spread in this hill and the pilgrims who workshopped this temple would be guarded against the sting of poisonous insects and snakes. There is no threatening to their lives.

Festivals :

Annual festival is celebrated in Tamil month of Puratasi (September / October), once in three years poojas for Edi Bhagavan (Thunder) are performed here.

Timings: 6 AM to 9 PM on Monday to Saturday and 6 AM to 2 PM on Sunday

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