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Avaniapuram Nava Narasimhar Temple

Name : Avaniapuram Nava Narasimhar Temple

Location :
Located near Cheyyar in the Vandavasi-Arani route.


AVANI means LION in Sanskrit and hence the name AVANIYA PURAM to this place, originally this sacred place called as ‘AVANI NARAYANA PURAM” and during the days it became Avaniyapuram.

During the time of Thretha Yuga Lord Brahma was doing the yaga and at that time from the yaga’s fire Lord Narasimha has appeared in front of him. Due to the heat lord doesn’t had the face when he come up. Seeing this Mahalakshmi Thayar told to Narasimhar that how you will give darshan to bhaktas without face hence please grant me your face to me. Pleased by the Thayar lord gives his face and hence in this Kshetra Thayar with lion face giving darshan to all and this day is celebrated once in 60 Years of Sarvadhari Samvathsarm.

Description :

The temple enshrines Nava (nine) Narasimhars apart from Shri Venkateshwara, Shri Ranganathar and Shri Varadarajar. It is a small hill with temples at 2 tiers and about 200 steps to climb.

The steps are painted with colorful painting and the either side of the walls are enmarked with Narayana tiru Namam in blue background color adds more beauty. Steps can be easily climbed by even older persons also.

This is a two tire temple on the first entrance where moolavar is housed along with Thayar. Lord Narashima is in a sitting posture, Mahalakshmi Thayar seated on his left thigh. His left arm is around his consort and his right hand is in abhaya hastha position. His upper hands are holding the chakra and conch. Here Lord has no face and Thayar having the Lion Face.

The Uthsava moorthy of lord Narashimhar had a face of lion. He has four hands and is in standing position flanked on either side by Sri Devi and Bhoodevi. On the Right side of the prakaram Pancha Narashimar separately in a row. Garudan in a Separate Sannidi.

After climbing approx 100+ steps there is an another beautiful temple. It’s Lord Venkateswara a Swayambhu moorthy standing armed with chakra and conch.

Behind the Srinivasa Perumal temple, there is a separate sannidhies in a cave- Lord Ranganatha with his Consort Ranganayaki on his Serpentine bed, Sri Perundevi Sametha Sri Varadaraja Perumal, Sri Yoga Narashimhar. Lord is said to have obliged Brigu Maharishi by appearing before him in the form of five Divya desa deities.

Festivals :
During the Sarvadhari Samvathsaram AANI month 9th day is the day THAYAR got the LION face and it is celebrated once in 60 Years of Sarvadhari Samvathsaram Aani Month 9th day. Only on this day 4 types of nevedhya prasadam will be offered to lords of this hill temple.

* For Mahalakshmi Thayar -> Sakkarai Pongal
* For Narashimhar -> Puliyogarai
* For Srinivasa Perumal -> Tair sadam
* For Yoga Narashimhar -> Ven Pongal

By visiting this kshetram itself one can get the benefit of

* Kalyana Prapthi
* Putra Sowbhagyam
* Runa Vimochanam
* Vyaparam

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sesha Kalyanaraman said...

When God wishes to see us HE will call us and give good Darshan.while browsing through the internet I read about aviniyapuram nava narasimhar hill temple.immediately I rang up the bhattar and enquired about the timings.I took bus and reached around 4.30pm.Nobody but I accompanied by lord Lakshmi narasimha reached the hill top.what a beautiful and heavenly sight.the bhattar mama was very kind enough to show me all the deities.especially goddess Lakshmi sitting cosily on lord narasimhars lap having lions face.saw all nine narasimhars plus Lord venkateshwara standing majestically ranganathar with consort varadaraja perumal and perundevi thayar beautiful yoga narasimhar and amrithaphalavalli thayar.divine sight.bhattar mama was so kind and helpful.plenty of dear monkeys I had darshan.many of them stood near me to have s glimpse of the Lord.they are harmless.I felt like heaven along with the monkeys and heavenly deities.the huge hill rocks resembled lions must visit this very ancient hill at least once. Lord naradimha grants all our wishes.jai narasimha


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