Sunday, September 15, 2013

Padmakshi Temple, Warangal

Name : Padmakshi Temple

Location :

This is one of the oldest temples in Hanamkonda, Warangal, AP, India, built by Kakatiya Kings.


The Kakatiya Kings ruled this area in and around the Hanamkonda for few centuries. They have so many temples built in their time. Thousand Pillar Temple, Ramappa Temple,  Swayambhu Temple, Sidheshwara Temple and Padmakshi Temple are few to name. Their interest was to bring the spiritual awareness in the lives of people for many generations to come. Their dreams still flourish and the history still seen on their temple sculptures and temple walls.

The Temple is believed to be built during first quarter of the 12th century. The Goddess Padmakshi fondly called as "Amma" by local people. The meaning of Amma in local language Telugu is Mother. She is considered as Mother of Mothers. That is why she is popularly known as "Padmakshamma". She resides on the top of a hill (called Gutta in local language).

A wonderful pillar known as Annakonda Pillar, a stunning quadrangular column made with granite black stone, is placed at the entrance of this temple. The four faces of the pillar are marvelous and impressive. The sculptures and carvings at the pillar lead the light to the belief that initially this was a Jain shrine dedicated to Jain Goddess Kdalalaya.

Festivals :

Local people celeberate Navarathri (Durgashtami) as the main festival event every year nine days before Dussara, which generally comes in October. And also there is a famous local festival called Bathukamma which is celeberated with lot of joy. All ages of women decorate the handmade idle of Durga with different kinds of flowers colourfully and gives her a farewell in Padmakshi lake after performing pooja. It is called as "Bathukamma" in Local people.

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viswanathan said...

Excellant coverage and you deserve a good kudos. continue your search. Have you covered tirukurungudi near nanguneri.and near hosur, one near shencottah thindal malai. PL reply.

Rajesh. CTR said...

thanks viswanathan for your comments. I have not covered tirukurungudi and thindal malai. i will collect info about them and publish. Thanks ...

Janaki Natarajan said...

Vazhga valamudan. Thirukurungudi its very nice place. From Naanguneri they will take by jeep. Very nice once you should go.


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