Sunday, March 22, 2009

Marutha Malai Subramaniyar Temple

Name : Maruthamalai, Maruthachala Moorthy, Maruthamalai Mamani

Location : 14Kms from Coimbatore

Main Deity : Murugan in Somaaskantha Posture ( ie., Murugan in between Sivan and Ambaal)
To Right of Muruga is Sivan(pateeswarar) & Left is Maragathambigai

No of Steps to Temple : 837

Stala Puranam :
Paambatti Sithar, used to search poisonous snakes for extracting preparing antivenom. Once when he was in Maruthamalai for search of a NagaRathina snake, Sattai Munivar gave darshan to him and preached that “Search the Snake within your Body (KUNDALINI sakthi). That is the purpose of your birth. Searching snakes in the bush is useless. “ This enlightened Pambatti Sithar. He started meditation and Lord Muruga showered his darshan with Valli & Deivanai. This temple is one of AruPadai Veedu of Lord Murugan.

Stala Theertham :
The "Marudha Thirtam" and the"Pambatti Sunai" are springs on the hills with holy waters and a dip in them cures a number of diseases for they contain Medicinal Properties.

Panja Virutcha Vinayagar :
Usually Vinayaga would be below Arasa maram.
In this place Five trees namely Arasa, Atthi,vanni, Korakattai & Vembu are joined together and below this Vinayagar seen as PanjaVirutchaVinayagar.

Other Attractions :
Suyambu Thaanthondri Vinayagar, Idumban sannathi, Pambatti Sithar Sannathi, Saptha Kaniyar sannathi.

Important festives :
Tamil New Year
Vaikasi Car Festival
Karthigai Deepam
Margali Pooja
Aruthira Darisanam
Thai Poosam - Thirukalyanam

Timings : 5.30AM to 1.00PM & 2.00PM to 8.30PM

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